"I purchased the Beard Wash and Oil, and I promise my beard hasn't felt cleaner and overall better than it does now. Usually I would use some type of shampoo most recently Shea Moisture and it left my beard feeling dry. So for moisturizer I used coconut oil which left it feeling greasy. The wash left my beard feeling clean and moisturized and the oil added the moisture I needed to look good, and smell amazing while not leaving it greasy or itchy. My bearded bros, I definitely recommend this product for our manes and ladies you should definitely pick these products up for your bearded man!!! Nothing like having a good looking beard that smells good and looks good, but also feels good to your
-De'Nare Brown-Falkner

So I typically suffer from very dry and brittle hair! I've used a lot of different shampoos and conditioners on my natural mane, and have never been satisfied with any of them! Tonight for the first time I used my Co-wash from Coco & Company and I LOVED it! Now let me say I'm very hard on my hair and it is a mix of types. So some products may work on sections and others don't! This product gave my head tingles and my scalp has NEVER felt this good! I honestly didn't want to rinse it out.
After towel drying my hair it didn't feel overly clean or stripped, but I could tell it was clean!!!!

The consistency of the product was very thin, but did a really good job! The product broke down in my hair easily and didn't leave that icky feeling when I touched it!!!!! The smell was great, even open up clogged nose!!!! I really recommend this co-wash to anyone!!!!!
- Londe Brown

I love the coconut almond hair body butter my lips are smooth and my nails are growing long...and the honey hair whip is amazing for bantu knots!!
-Doris Finnie

I have been using the Honey Hair Whip for a few months now and I absolutely LOVE it. My hair doesn't feel dry or too oily. I simply apply when wet and add a dime size amount of Olive Oil, finger comb and I am on my way. Thanks Coco for truly keeping naturals natural with your hair products!
-Queena Roberts

Hair whip has had my curls popping this week! Excited to try the rest of the line.
-Michele Purvey

Amazing!!!!! I am in love with the olive oil and honey hair whip!!! It keep my curls defined and moisturized!!! Also the lemon orange zest smelled so awesome!!!! I can't say about the products can't wait to try more!!!
-Shayla Cubit